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Biometric Authentication/ Identification Device
Multi-biometric capabilities option
- Large high-quality capacitive fingerprint sensor at 500 dpi resolution, 256 x 360 pixel array,
18.0mm x 12.8mm imaging area
- High resolution camera to capture facial image
- Iris camera can be customized
In-the-field, real-time identification by multiple transmission ways
- Embedded GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS, GPS tagging, WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g/n, and Bluetooth
- Enrollment and identification in field operations, verification against previously captured local, state, or national database through third party software
Living fingerprint capture and fake fingerprint detection
Flexible optional features
- Available with small or large capacitive fingerprint scanner
- Built-in contactless smart card reader
- Integrated 5MP camera to read 1D and 2D (QR) barcode
- Dedicated barcode scanning engine- 1D/2D barcode scanner for professional and fast usage
- Support bluetooth thermal printers
- Support bluetooth mag-stripe card reader(MSR)
Availability for customized configurations
- Contact smart card reader for ID card 
- OCR reader / MRZ scanner for reading ePassport(MRP), Machine Readable Visa(MRV) and other Machine Readable Travel Cards conforming to ICAO Doc 9303 
SDK available for third-party integration into new or existing applications
Typical Applications include:
Identity verification and identification
Inmate handling
Voter registration
Disaster scene management
Border control
Traffic citations
Travel document authentication
Campus security
Healthcare records check
Drivers licenses
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Biometric Authentication/ Identification Device
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