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Company Profile
We consider technology innovation and service-oriented as our company management philosophy...
Management Philosophy
Valor Wave's mission is to be perfect in design, development and marketing of cutting edge high-tech solutions for...
Certificate Qualification
Certificate Qualification...
Factory Pictures
SMT Production, Assembling Lines, Reliability Test, Aging Test, R&D Department, Office, Meeting Room...
Our Mission
We consider technology innovation and service-oriented as our company management philosophy...
Future Vision
VALOR WAVE strives to became the largest ICT products OEM and ODM supplier in the world in the next years.
Company Profile
We consider technology innovation and service-oriented as our company management philosophy,insist on QUALITY as work focus, continuously improve product quality and service. We insist on people-oriented and that human resource is the most important wealth of one enterprise in order that company can develop and improve quickly.
We are dedicated into developing, production and sales of professional and rugged tablet PC and handheld terminals for security, identification mobile payment and authentication solutions, tablet PC with ZigBee and rugged handheld POS terminals. We are able to skillfully integrate various features into a single terminal, including applications for biometric fingerprint reader, NFC, RFID, smart card reader, barcode reader and many others for a seamless integration to our customers* solutions.
In addition to the distinguished multi-feature of our hardware, its versatility is reflected in its ability to be deployed in many different industries for various usages. This advantage, together with the portability of our terminals, has made it ideal to be deployed in the fields of person registration or enrollment, ticketing inspection,identity verification, logistics and transportation, supply chain, warehousing management, wireless meter reading and health care system. Our portable terminals can be used in any industry that requires such applications.
Our hardwares are high-performance devices that are compact and lightweight. They enable the implementation of various applications in a mobile environment. Our role is to support our customers who are in need for robust, innovative and functional devices and provide OEM/ODM services for them
Taking the portable handheld security terminal as the predominant product, we constantly extend the related products into a variety of areas, so that people all over the world can enjoy the better and better life brought by science and technology anytime, anywhere!
About Us:
Company Profile
Management Philosophy
Certificate Qualification
Factory Pictures
Our Mission
Future Vision
Industrial Design
Mechanical Design
Electronics Design
Software Development
Biometric Authentication/ Identification Device
Biometric Livescan Enrollment Device
Credential Authentication Device
Rugged Industrial PDA
Thermal Imaging Camera
eID Solution
Border Control
Biometric Voting
Security Access control
Mobile Law Enforcement
Biometrics Verification for SIM Card Sales
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