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Rugged Industrial PDA
Used for various solutions, for example:
Warehousing management:
Speed up the data collection in all steps of the warehouse management and simplify all the tedious things to be  simple and clear to achieve one complete information system, from receiving goods, arranging goods, transferring inventory, picking out, distributing process, to workers performance evaluation, .
Logistics and transportation:
Equip your employees the devices to capture data and access information on-the-go to build a real-time, accurate information system, from package collection, warehouse entry, sorting parcels, intelligent loading parcels, delivery following to real time customer service .
Ticket checking:  
Workers can scan the tickets at the entrances by this handheld PDA to verify tickets. If any fake or invalid tickets, this mobile terminal will provide error responses while customers passing and corresponding data is recorded into the database for true entries. To increase the working efficiency while checking the entrance tickets and so speed up people inflow at events.
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