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Company Profile
We consider technology innovation and service-oriented as our company management philosophy,insist on QUALITY as work focus, continuously improve product quality and service. We insist on people-oriented and that human resource is the most important wealth of one enterprise in order that company can develop and improve quickly.
Our company adheres to the business philosophy of technological innovation and service-oriented, insists on focusing on quality, and continuously improves product quality and service quality. We insist on people-oriented, and human resources are the most important wealth of an enterprise, so that the enterprise can develop and improve rapidly. We are committed to the development, production and sales of AI based products and audio products. The main products include industrial tablet and motherboards, Bluetooth voice remote controls, multilingual translators, high-end earphones and speakers, etc.
We have a professional hardware and software R&D team, providing a full range of complete services from product ID design, circuit design, software development to product full testing. With AI products as the leading products, we continue to expand related products to various fields, so that people all over the world can enjoy an increasingly better life brought by science and technology anytime, anywhere!
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Our company participates in Guangzhou 2008 surface finishing exhibit
Tims holds tourism at the seaside in the Mid-Autumn Festival 2008
Break through the wall of oneself and walk towards to success
Products Center
Enables the capture of fingerprints (up to ten fingers) and facial i
Fingerprint capture,face image capture;On-device matching capability
FIPS-201 compliant and FBI approved fingerprint scanner; High-qualit
Process NIST standard requests and responses over a wireless network
FIPS-201 compliant and FBI approved fingerprint scanner;High-quality
Premium Earphones
Premium Wired Earphones
Premium Speakers
Multilingual Translators
Services Biometric Authentication/Identification Device Biometric Livescan Enrollment Device Credential Authentication Device Customization
eID Solution
eID Solution
Border Control
Border Control
Biometric Voting
Biometric Voting
Security Access control
Security Access control
Mobile Law Enforcement
Mobile Law Enforcement
Biometrics Verification for SIM Card Sales
Biometrics Verification for SIM Card Sales
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eID Solution
Border Control
Biometric Voting
Security Access control
Mobile Law Enforcement
Biometrics Verification for SIM Card Sales
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Address.:Baoan Internet Industry Base,No.1009,Baoyuan Road,Baoan District,Shenzhen,China
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